How to be a great mother: Carrie Underwood’s dad talks about the new book



His book, The Woman Who Wasn’t, has gone on to be published by Simon & Schuster and is now the best-selling book of 2016.

And he’s not just a dad.

His story, as told by his son, is a master class in family, community, friendship, leadership and compassion.

I spoke with Carrie Underwoods dad, Jim, in his office in New York.

I wanted to get your thoughts on the new books, how they fit into Carrie Underworks story and why the book has become such a hit.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.


I’m Carrie Underbrooks dad, who I’m going to be telling my story as an account of my dad and what he’s really about.

He is a loving, caring man, a loving father, and he’s a huge fan of my work and my family.

I was very excited when we had a chance to speak last year, and I think I did a good job in that interview.

So when I did that, I was able to get a lot of insight into my dad.

And the book is really about the life of his life, which was very difficult.

His family was very different from mine.

He’s not a typical middle-class family.

He had a very long, complicated and difficult childhood.

He grew up in a very troubled environment.

His parents divorced when he was 3.

I think they were struggling with alcoholism.

I don’t know if he was raised by the church, but his mother, I think, was a very alcoholic.

I also think he was in a religious home.

He was very active in the church.

But he didn’t have any strong social skills.

He wasn’t particularly gifted in any way.

His father was very successful.

He owned a clothing store, a very successful clothing company, and in his late 30s he was doing very well, had an impressive career, had children.

But Carrie was very much at home in the family.

Her mother was a widow, and so she had to do most of the work around the house.

She was very dependent on her husband.

So, you know, Carrie’s mom was very busy and was working very, very hard, working her ass off, so her husband was quite lonely, very, extremely lonely.

So Carrie was really dependent on him.

And so he was very, you can imagine, very lonely.

Carrie was the youngest of three children.

I can’t tell you how she felt about being the only girl.

And she was very protective of her father.

And her mother, by the way, is very beautiful, she was beautiful, I mean, she had such an incredible smile on her face.

And I think her father was also very, I don, I can imagine Carrie being really protective of him.

But they were really very loving.

They were always trying to help each other.

And, you would think that would be obvious, but Carrie was also the oldest of the three kids, which is why her mom had to work very, really hard to get him all the money he needed to get through school.

And my dad, he was always there for her, so she could go out and go shopping.

And one of the things she did was to buy all the Christmas presents for Carrie, so Carrie could go to school.

She did this because she was the oldest.

So I think she had the most responsibility in the house, which she always tried to be the best at.

And at that time in her life, I guess, she knew that her mother had a really tough life.

So she would come home and she would cry, and she’d go, “Oh, my God.

I really want to get rid of all of this.”

And she’d be really angry, because she felt like she was getting treated unfairly by the system.

And Carrie had a difficult childhood, which I think was a huge part of her life.

And then at the same time, at a very young age, she learned to play the piano.

She went to school in a classical piano class, which meant she had a lot to learn.

So it was really important for her to be able to go to college, so that she could learn to play.

And by the time she was about 17, she got a great education.

And it’s a lot different when you’re a young child to play piano and go to a piano school and learn to write.

So the school was very important to her.

And for her mother to get to that place of learning to be really, really good at music and to play, I remember Carrie said, “Mom, I want to be good at all the other things.”

And so she really got good at those things, and

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