Former NSL officers: Cash & Carry is a dangerous industry

Former NSPCC chief executive Carrie Fisher has criticised the Cash & Carriers Association of Australia, saying it has become a dangerous profession.

Ms Fisher, who has campaigned for more gun laws in Australia, told a panel on the future of Australia’s gun laws at the Victorian Conference for the Criminally Insane in Sydney on Friday.

Ms Fitzgerald said the association has become “a powerful weapon in the hands of criminals” and should be removed from the industry.

“It’s a dangerous and untrustworthy industry,” she said.

“The best way to deal with this is to get rid of it.”

The NSLAC, which has more than 3,500 members, has more members than the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Ms Fitzgerald added the NSLCA should be stripped of its funding, because the association’s members are not trained as gun control advocates.

“What they are doing is peddling gun control to the most gullible people in our society,” she told the conference.

“This is a deadly and deadly industry, it’s dangerous and it’s untrustable.”

Ms Fitzgerald’s comments came after the NSPCA announced it was dropping the “Cash & Carry” name from its new logo after backlash from gun control campaigners.

Ms Fitzgibbon said there was a “serious problem” with the association because of its involvement in the gun industry.

She said it was “dangerous and untruthful” to describe the association as a gun safety organisation, adding it was not doing its job.

Ms Fleming said the NSCA was also an “unregulated” industry, because there were “no laws on the books about who can own a gun”.

“This is an industry that is being driven by a dangerous, untrusting, unscrupulous group of people,” she added.

“The NSLCC is a very powerful weapon.”

The NSCAs board of directors is made up of Ms Fitzgerald, former NSLACA chief executive Carol Fleming and former NSPAC chief executive Lisa Jackson.

Ms Jackson resigned in April after she was criticised for supporting gun control policies.

Ms Fitzpatrick also quit in May following criticism she supported a policy banning the sale of handguns to children.

Ms Fitzgerald told the panel she supported the right of gun owners to own firearms but said the industry was “a dangerous and unscrupulous” one.

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