A look back at the life and career of Carrie Johnson, the woman who took the world by storm with her voice and style

Carrie Johnson is a former voice actor who was the voice of Samantha, the heroine of The Lion King.

She is currently an assistant to the executive producer of the Disney Channel series The Legend of Korra.

The following is a brief look back over her career.

The Lion King (1988)In 1988, Carrie Johnson won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress for voicing the voice role of Jasmine the lioness in The Lion Heart.

The award came with a special plaque, which read “Carrie Johnson for her role in the movie, The Lionheart.”

It was a success, as Jasmine made it to the Academy Awards for best actress, with only six other nominees.

She won best supporting actor for her performance, and she became a fan favorite, thanks to her memorable performance in the film.

The Legend of the Tarzan (1988-1993)Carrie also played Jasmine in the 1985 Tarzan film, as well as the 1991 film, Tarzan.

The Tarzan franchise was not to be.

The studio that was developing the Tarzans, Disney Animation, turned to Johnson, who had previously starred as the voice actress of Tarzan in the 1980s and 1990s.

Johnson had worked with the company on previous projects, including the Tar Zans series and the TarZans: Jungle Cruise franchise.

Johnson had worked in animation on several television series before this, including ABC’s Glee and Nickelodeon’s Rocko’s Modern Life.

She also had a recurring role in both the 1987 sitcom Glee as a waitress named Grace and the 1990 film Rocko.

In 1989, she became the first African-American woman to voice the titular character in an animated film, when she voiced Jasmine, the title character of the 1984 film Tarzan Returns.

In 1992, Johnson made a splash in Hollywood when she became an executive producer on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, which was a big success.

In a 1997 interview, Johnson told Entertainment Weekly that the success of Jungle Cruise allowed her to make her debut on the TV show The Princess Diaries, which aired from 1998 to 2001.

The Princess Dieries: A Look Back at the Story of Princess Diapers (2001)In 2001, Johnson landed a major role in The Princess diaries, starring as a nurse named Grace in a series of episodes that aired from 1999 to 2002.

Johnson later became a regular on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and the animated series The Princess and the Frog.

Johnson has also appeared in numerous films and television series, including The Princesses of Peking, The Princess Bride, and Disney’s Pocahontas.

The following is her biography, a look back on her career, and her favorite movie of all time.

Jungle Cruise (2002)Johnson was one of the producers on Disney Channel’s Jungle Hunt, a Disney Channel mini-series based on a novel by Charles Dickens.

Johnson has spoken of the project, saying it was a huge opportunity, with the chance to explore and expand the world of Disney and the culture of film, especially with such a diverse cast.

Johnson spoke of the film at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, saying she was “so proud” of the filmmakers for creating such an exciting project.

Johnson went on to say that she and her team at Disney had “the best writing team of any team we have ever worked with.”

The Lionheart (2002-2008)Johnson had a long and illustrious career in animation, including work on several Disney Channel specials and movies.

Johnson was one half of the original cast of the 1993 film The Lion, the other half of a new voice cast created by producer David Shore.

She appeared in many of the shorts and animated features, including a few films that were part of the animated TV series DuckTales.

Johnson said that Disney had the greatest voice cast of any animated film ever, but they were not alone.

She said she also was a part of The Great Muppet Caper, a 1998 Disney-Pixar animated series that starred the voice actors of Judy Garland and Robert Smigel.

Johnson also voiced Princess Diaper in the 1998 animated series, The Great Dinosaur Hunt, and The Great Disney Caper.

The Great Caper starred Johnson, and Johnson said she was impressed by how well the voice cast was cast.

In 2008, Johnson received the Outstanding Performance in a Miniseries award from the International Association of Casting Directors.

Johnson’s career in voice acting has seen her voice appear in many animated series and films.

She voices many of Disney’s characters in both her own animated television series and as part of Disney XD’s Animal Kingdom franchise.

She also voiced the character Princess Jasmine on The LionKing (1988), which is her first voice acting role.

Johnson, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, is currently a member of the cast of ABC’s The Princess

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