Carriers, bikes, and bike riders in the UK: What we know and what we don’t know

The UK has one of the best bike-share schemes in the world and there’s a real possibility that the scheme could see a boost in bike ridership in the short term.

That’s the view of Bike Child Care, the charity behind the scheme.

It’s currently working on a bike bike helmet scheme in the capital, London, and is hoping to get a pilot off the ground in the north east of England by the end of the year.

In an interview with Bike Childcare’s co-founder, Peter MacLaren, I asked him how the scheme would work. 

Carrie and I both have the same ambition to create a new world where every child has a bike.

We’re working with a partner, Bike ChildCare, to build a scheme that allows children in all areas of the country to use a bike, whether it’s for a bike ride or just to play on the bike.

The bike helmet will be provided by Bike Child care in a bike carrier to the children, so they can enjoy the safety and excitement of riding.

The scheme will be funded by the Government.

The money will come from the Children’s Health Fund and will be used for the installation of bike helmet infrastructure. 

Peter MacLarren says: We’ve seen the uptake in bikes among kids, and we’re looking at how to support that further, as a whole, and to help kids get out on the roads. 

He says that the idea behind the project is to encourage the uptake of cycling and get children out on a more active route. 

The scheme is a joint venture between the National Children’s Cycle Plan, which is part of the National Health Service and the Department for Transport, and the British Cycling Partnership.

The British Cycling Alliance, which has helped build the scheme, is involved in it too. 

We’re trying to get it off the drawing board, and it’s an ambitious scheme. 

I was surprised that the helmet is only available in England, because it’s in the National Motorway. 

It’s a big challenge to make it work, and there are so many other factors to consider.

I’m hoping that we can be a catalyst in the national bike-sharing scene, and that we’ll see a lot more people riding bikes in the coming years. 

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