Watch: Carrie Underwood and Carrie Fisher naked and in bath

In a stunning moment of unscripted comedy, Carrie Fisher is naked and lying on a bed as her lover switches a suitcase carrying the body of her husband, John Wayne, over to the back of a car carrying his body, as a woman, who happens to be her best friend, stands by, topless.

Carrie Fisher in her nude position.

The moment has gone viral on social media, sparking the question: why?

Why would a naked woman, in her prime, and in her position of power, take the initiative to use a suitcase to carry her husband’s body over to her friend’s car? 

The woman, whose name is Carlee Fisher, is now calling for her body to be displayed in a museum as a symbol of the human spirit, the BBC reports.

 “We can’t allow this to go unnoticed,” Fisher said.

“I am outraged that this happened, that it is going to be hidden, and I am not going to allow it to go unaddressed.”

 The moment is a direct response to comments made by Carrie Fisher, who said she “wouldn’t let anything like this happen to me”. 

Fisher also said: “I don’t think you can ever have too much sex.

I have a lot of friends that are not allowed to have too many sex.

If you want to go back to the old days of sex, and we used to have sex in public places, then no, we don’t allow it.

I would love to have a naked body.” 

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen people in the public nude, but it is the first I’ve felt as naked as I did,” Fisher added. 

Fishers friend, Carrie Fisher in a bikini. 

Carrie’s best friend Carlee, who is the mother of her two daughters, says the moment is part of a tradition of the female body in the media, and that it shows that she “believes women can be anything they want to be”. 

“I don’ know if there is anything that has more meaning to me than a naked women in the nude,” Carlee said. 

“There are women who are famous and famous, and there are women that have nothing to do with fashion, or they don’t want to do something that isn’t appropriate for them.

And the reason why I feel comfortable wearing this is because I want to say, I want you to feel that you can be something, and it’s OK to do that.” 

Carlee Fisher says the women are “allowed to wear whatever clothes they want” Carries friend, Carlee’s best mate, who has known Fisher since the late 1970s, said the moment was part of the tradition of women being “allowed” to be nude in public.

“I know what it feels like to be a woman,” Carley Fisher said on Monday.

“And I know what I feel like being naked.

I know I can be a mother and a wife, and a grandmother and a girlfriend, and anything in between.” 

 “But it’s not about that.

I feel a lot more comfortable when I’m nude,” she added.

“It’s more about how I want people to see me.

And that’s how I see myself.” 

In the film, Carley said she would never allow the idea of her being naked in public to be used against her.

“My friends, they have been told to dress the way they want, to do whatever they want,” Carleys best friend said.

“But you know what?

We’re not wearing dresses, we’re not in heels, we aren’t in a dress.

We don’t wear makeup, and the last thing we need is to be made fun of. 

 Ferry said she is also concerned about her safety and is “very scared” about her life and her friends.”

It makes me feel so uncomfortable.

You know, if someone comes up to me and I’m naked, I’m just not comfortable with it,” Fisher told ABC News.”

Because it could be me being nude and they know, they know I don’t know.

They know what’s going on in my head, and they could get the wrong idea.

“So, I just want them to know, I really do want them not to come over there.” 

ABC News’ ABC News Online

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