How China Is Buying US Air Force Bases, Vehicles and Equipment

As China’s growing military and air force ambitions have been growing over the last few years, the US Air force is looking to buy more assets. 

In a new report, Quartz highlights the potential military benefits of purchasing more of the US military hardware.

The US Airforce has invested in military equipment that will be useful in future conflicts, but also for future airpower, said Robert Litt, vice president of defense programs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which is part of the Washington-based think tank. 

He added that the US is investing in equipment that is not just useful for the current conflicts, and it’s also more capable for the future, which will allow the US to play a more proactive role in international security, the report said. 

In the last 10 years, we’ve built more than a thousand new aircraft, and that’s a very, very large number. 

We’ve done a lot of aircraft procurement and that continues to grow, said Litt.

The report also noted that China is expanding its military industrial base by buying more advanced military aircraft, as well as new types of weapons.

China has acquired a record number of aircraft and military hardware since the start of the last century, but the military buildup is now accelerating.

The Air Force has been buying more weapons and military equipment in recent years, and the military budget has increased to $9.9 trillion, according to the Air Force.

The military budget for the Air National Guard, which includes the Air Combat Command, the Air Mobility Command, and Air Support Command, was about $2.5 trillion last year. 

China also is buying fighter jets, bombers, and missiles from the US.

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