How to build your own gun for the next generation

Posted April 25, 2018 12:13:48By Chris FusaroGlock is the only company on this list to sell a fully-automated pistol to civilians, and their sales have continued in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

But they’re also selling a gun that is designed to function as a fully automated assault rifle.

Glock’s AR-15, designed to be as simple as a folding knife, can be customized to be able to fire a wide variety of rounds, from .223 to .308.

The AR-platform also lets owners of Glock pistols carry their weapons with them, or with a concealed carry permit.

This is important because the AR- platform doesn’t have to have a manual trigger pull, unlike other semi-autos that do.

The fact that you can simply clip in your Glock, remove the magazine, then pull the trigger is a boon for any military or law enforcement officer who wants to use this gun for self-defense or as a hunting tool.

It also allows the Glock to fire all the rounds on the market, so you can have a fully automatic weapon that can fire in the same manner that a semi-automatic rifle can.

That’s a huge step up from the current state of semi-auto firearms.

Glocks are also currently being developed by the company that made the M16 platform, which means that we can expect a large number of AR-equipped weapons to be made.

The Glock AR-16, a fully automatized AR-style pistol.

The gun features an AR-type platform that is compatible with a Glock handgun.

This means that users can carry their Glocks without a permit.

Glock AR platform.

Glocker AR platform in use.

This AR-8 is built to be the perfect hunting weapon for anyone looking to expand their hunting experience.

It has the same design as the AR platform, but it has an extra feature: a clip that allows you to clip in the weapon and remove the slide.

There’s also a slide safety, but this is optional.

The AR-10 is a more traditional AR-gun.

The Glock is a gun designed for hunting, and the AR10 is an AR pistol designed to hunt and kill.

The same is true of the AR8 and AR10, as well as the semi-Auto AR-pattern AR-556.

The main difference is that these AR-types have been made to be used as hunting weapons, while AR-guns can be used for hunting and self-protection.

There are some AR-series rifles on the Market today that are made to carry an AR trigger pull.

These are generally semi-Automatic AR-based weapons, but they’re becoming more and more popular as a self-loading option, especially when it comes to small-caliber rifles.

The first of these, the AR9, is currently available in two sizes: .308 and .223.

The .308 version is a standard AR-9 semi- automatic, while the .223 version is an enhanced AR-11 rifle that can be loaded with a .223 round or a .308 round.

It’s a great option for those who want a little more power, or who want to keep their AR-weapons small and light, while still being able to hunt down large game.

The semi-Automated AR-22 has been the most popular AR-machinegun in use by law enforcement for many years.

It comes in all three variants: standard, extended, and suppressor.

The standard model is capable of firing .308 cartridges, and can also accept a .30-06 bullet or a 9mm cartridge.

The suppressor version is also available, but the recoil compensator is not included.

The basic AR-model is a .22LR-type gun with an integrated suppressor, which has been known to have an undesirable recoil.

The extended model is also an AR version of the same weapon, and is also capable of shooting .223 or .308 rounds.

These guns can be equipped with suppressors or have them mounted on the slide, making them suitable for home defense and hunting.

The semi-Tracking AR-4, the standard AR gun, can also fire .22 LR and .30 caliber ammunition.

It’s important to note that the AR series of guns are not a perfect match for the military.

The military’s demand for military-style weapons like the AR rifle has been decreasing for a number of years.

But that may change as more and better semi-tracked weapons come online.

There are already some AR guns that can actually be used by the military as long as the military is not prohibited from using them.

It might be more realistic to use the AR guns for the purposes that the military wants, such as to provide military snipers with a better range of fire.

As for what you can expect to see from AR-launched weapons, it will be interesting to see

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