Why Texas’ concealed carry law needs to be reviewed

The Texas Concealed Carry Law, or SB 1225, is an expansive and sweeping concealed carry bill that will impact virtually every state and the nation, but the process by which it was drafted has caused some confusion.

Here are some of the key points that are important to keep in mind when considering how the law should be amended to better align with modern gun laws.1.

Concealed carry in Texas is not unlimited1.

The law does not allow people to carry concealed in public with the exception of certain specific situations.

For example, an individual must possess a valid driver’s license to carry a concealed firearm in public.

In order to qualify for this exception, the person must demonstrate that they have:1.

An emergency in mind, which is an “emergency to protect yourself, your family, and others.”2.

An active duty or retired member of the armed forces or a peace officer with a current valid concealed carry permit.3.

A valid driver license.4.

A firearm identification number.5.

A completed application for a concealed carry license.6.

A current permit to carry handguns in a manner that is not a carry concealed under current law.7.

A person who has previously had a concealed weapon conviction in another state, or who has a valid permit to possess firearms issued by another state that was suspended for a period of more than 180 days.8.

A permit to acquire firearms under a permit granted under SB 1223.9.

A concealed carry gun certificate from the Texas Department of Public Safety.10.

A written statement from a qualified firearms instructor that indicates that the person is qualified to carry and is currently licensed to carry firearms in Texas.11.

A photo of the individual in which the individual holds the handgun, along with a description of the weapon.12.

A copy of the permit that is valid in Texas that identifies the handgun as a firearm.13.

A license to possess a firearm issued under SB1223 that is currently valid in another jurisdiction.14.

A letter from a licensed firearm instructor that shows the person has successfully completed the firearms training course.15.

A certificate from a Texas firearm instructor verifying that the instructor has successfully passed the course.16.

A complete list of all permits and licenses issued to qualified individuals who are currently carrying a firearm in Texas, as well as a copy of their certificate.17.

A statement from the State Police that indicates the person in possession of a concealed handgun is lawfully carrying a concealed gun.18.

An affidavit from a law enforcement officer stating that the individual has completed all applicable courses and completed the course approved by the State Firearm Training Center.19.

A form of identification from a certified gun owner that states that the applicant has been licensed to possess, transport, and receive a firearm for the purpose of carrying a handgun.20.

An application from a person to obtain a concealed weapons permit, if that person is not currently licensed under SB 1119.21.

A certified copy of an instruction manual from the National Rifle Association, or NRA, that includes:22.

An instruction manual that contains a description and description of all weapons, ammunition, accessories, magazines, or other items that may be used by the person who is qualified as a qualified handgun owner to carry, transport and receive firearms for the purposes of carrying, transporting and receiving firearms for self-defense, protection of others, and self-protection.23.

A certification that the training is completed in accordance with current training standards, including the Texas Firearms Instructor Standards.24.

A report from the DPS, DPSSA, and DPS Division of Public Affairs indicating that the DPS has successfully enrolled at least one qualified person who holds a concealed firearms license in Texas who is also a qualified shooter.25.

A list of the training and equipment required to carry an individual who holds, has a concealed, or has been issued a concealed license.26.

A notification that the qualified person has met all the qualifications for a permit to purchase firearms.27.

A sign in Spanish, English, or another language of the State of Texas, that states “Permit to purchase concealed firearms is valid until October 1, 2020.”28.

A signature in Spanish or English that states, “This is a personal statement.

The person has passed all requirements for a valid license to purchase weapons.”29.

A “statement” in Spanish that states the person’s legal name, date of birth, and address.30.

A printable form of the Texas Conceal Carry Permit, which can be printed and signed.31.

A signed, dated, and dated copy of a license to transport and carry firearms issued under the Concealed Handgun Act.32.

A physical copy of all forms of identification required by law.33.

A receipt from the person signing the application for the concealed handgun license.34.

A sworn statement by the individual attesting to the person that the application was properly filed

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