How carriers can make it work for you

The carriers, who are largely responsible for the internet, have spent billions of dollars to build the infrastructure, but they’re often missing out on some of the most crucial pieces.

The carriers are trying to figure out how to create the infrastructure to deliver the service to users.

They’ve set up a task force that includes experts from telecom, internet and consumer research, as well as public policy, to identify the best way to build a secure and reliable internet that consumers can trust.

“I think we have a lot of work to do and it’s an uphill battle,” said Bill White, the executive director of the Internet Association, a group of companies that represents the biggest players in the internet space.

“And we need to find ways to work together.”

The task force is looking at things like building an infrastructure that’s more reliable and efficient than existing networks, how to secure your data with encryption, and how to protect users’ information from snooping.

It’s not a government task force, but White says it’s something the public can expect to see.

It’s also something the carriers are actively looking for input from, he said.

“We’re really trying to get the stakeholders on board and working together,” White said.

“This is a really important step to make sure that people can trust their internet and their devices and their content.”

A number of carriers have said they’re interested in working on the task force.

Bing, the online search giant, has made the task group its own, with White and other executives on its board.

In May, the company said it was “actively considering” working with the taskforce.

Cox Communications, the nation’s largest cable company, announced it would also look into joining the task team.

In April, Sprint, the country’s largest wireless carrier, also said it would work with the group.

Verizon, the largest wireless company, is a member.

AT&T, which owns the US wireless network provider T-Mobile, said it is “actively exploring the possibility of working with this task force.”

The group has no set timeline for when it’ll report back, White said, but he said the group is “very optimistic” about its work.

And while the task will not be completed until next year, White hopes that by then, consumers can be confident their internet will be secure.

“The internet is going to be the backbone of our economy, and if we can figure out a way to deliver it to them securely and quickly, I think we’re going to have a real impact,” he said, adding that the task might take longer than a few years.

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