Carrie Underwood sings at a ‘No Flushing’ rally on Instagram

Carrie Underwoods has been singing at anti-establishment rallies in Washington, D.C. this week.

The singer was scheduled to perform at the March for Our Lives march on Saturday, but she decided to cancel the event due to the Trump administration’s decision to ban all public gatherings of more than five people.

Underwood, whose real name is Carrie Buehler, wrote on her Instagram account that she was “heartbroken” to see Trump’s decision and wanted to “do my part to stand with my friends and allies and show the world what we stand for.”

The singer went on to say she is “happy and proud” to have supported women’s rights and to “fight for equality.”

Underwood will also perform at a “No Flush” rally on Friday, which is a reference to the phrase that people are encouraged to “flush their toilets, urinate or defecate on,” according to The Hill.

She also performed a song called “No One Wants You” that is part of the new album No One Wanted to See You.

Underwoods recently shared a video of herself performing at the anti-Trump rally with her husband, actor Chris Evans, who was also scheduled to attend the rally.

The song, titled “Don’t Flush the Pot,” features Underwood singing and dancing to the lyrics, “The pot is never dirty / I don’t flush the pot / But you should be flushing it.”

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