How Japan’s ‘pigeon carrier’ will be used for concealed carry in Tokyo

The first ‘pig” carrier pigeon in Japan will be introduced in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district on Wednesday, with an initial deployment expected to begin in January.

In Japan, the use of concealed carry has been legal since the late 1980s, with police allowing people to carry a gun in public and not being required to get a permit.

However, the legalisation of the practice is subject to a strict licensing system, and is a major sticking point in the country’s long-running dispute with the United States over its use of drones.

A group of US-based activists have been campaigning for a nationwide ban on the use or sale of drones for surveillance, which has been supported by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

According to Tokyo-based news website The Japan Times, the carrier pigeon will be an unmanned aircraft system capable of carrying up to three passengers and capable of taking off, landing and flying for a distance of at least 200 metres.

It will be able to fly from its home base in Tokyo to Tokyo’s main airport, and will be available for use from October 1.

The first carrier pigeon is expected to arrive in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The company behind the carrier is a Japanese-US joint venture called Japan Aero Research Institute (JARRI).JARRAI has been developing technology for unmanned aircraft systems, such as drones, for decades.

It is currently developing a drone capable of flying for up to 25 minutes, with a maximum flight time of about 10 minutes.

A spokesperson for JARRI told the Japan Times that the company was aiming for a minimum of 1,000 birds, with plans to double the number in the coming months.

He added that the carrier will be equipped with a radar, a camera and a microphone.”

It’s equipped with various sensors for navigation, as well as a camera that can be used to see what’s around you,” the spokesperson said.”

In addition, it has a radar for surveying the terrain.”JARRIA is one of the main companies developing the unmanned aircraft technology.

The spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.JARROI is also one of Japan’s leading drone makers, and has worked on many of the nation’s unmanned aerial systems, including the Soryu, a quad-rotor aircraft that can take off and land at any time.

A spokesman for JRIA told the Tokyo Times that there was no current plan to launch the first carrier in Japan.

However the spokesperson did not say if the carrier would be equipped to carry out reconnaissance missions.

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