Carrie Underwood: 2020: ‘I’m excited for the season’

Carrie Underwoods debut album ‘The Carriers’ is due for release on April 30, 2020.

The songstress said she is “excited for the seasons”, adding that her album will focus on “the positives of the season” as opposed to focusing on the negatives.

“I’m not going to dwell on the things that are going on with my life, I’m not gonna focus on my problems, I want to focus on the positive,” she said.

The singer added that the album is meant to be a celebration of the current year and its accomplishments, while also “telling the story of what happens in the years ahead”.

“It’s about being a bit more positive, more hopeful,” she added.

“The record is about the year 2020 and the challenges that we face and we have to face.

It’s about taking risks, making mistakes and living our best lives.”

She added that she wants to make sure her fans understand that she has “no regrets” about the choices she has made during the past year.

“People don’t like to be criticised, they want to know, ‘what did you do wrong?

What did you fail to do?'” she added, referencing her hit song ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’.”

I’ve never been a very positive person, but I know I made the right choice and I want people to understand that.”

The singer said that she was also looking forward to the album being released by her label, Island Records.

“We have so much work to do with them and it’s all about them being a part of my record label,” she told the Irish Independent.

“It’ll be a big record and we’re all working really hard together.”

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