Glock: Concealed Carry Colorado Carrie Underwood husband’s plate carrier setup is the coolest

Ive seen on the internet, but Ive been told that its not legit.

Here’s what theyre saying, because I think its just a bit far fetched to me.

Here is the thing, theyre not lying about this setup.

Im not a concealed carry expert and im not a gun enthusiast.

But thats the kind of thing you can easily tell.

The plates are hidden behind a plate carrier that has a couple of buttons on it.

When you press on one of the buttons youll get a pop-up menu.

You will be able to choose the color of the plates that you want.

Youll also be able adjust the angle the plates slide in so they dont slide so far that you cannt see through them.

Theres also a small lock that you cant see, but thats a simple thing to fix.

Its a nice touch.

The only problem is that its all fake.

Its really not legit, but it has its uses.

Here are a few: 1.

You can hide a gun from your wife or children.


You cant take out your gun without a license and youll have to put a gun in your car.


You wont have to worry about someone getting in your way.4.

You dont have to go through all the hassle of having to get a concealed weapon license, a gun license, and getting a gun background check.5.

Youre not limited to the area where you live.


You arent required to carry a gun when going to a bar.7.

Youve got a nice looking and comfortable concealed carry setup that you wont be able do anything to make it look like you arent armed, just a little bit of camouflage.8.

Its very easy to get away with it, even if you are a professional.9.

Its not illegal.

Ive never heard of anyone being arrested for it, and its probably safer to be a concealed weapons user in a place like California than a private citizen in Texas.

I think that’s pretty amazing.

I cant say it enough.

Its a really cool idea.

Its cool that theyre going to give you a little more freedom.

I dont know how it works yet, but Im sure itll work out in the end.

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