How to carry your baby without the baby belt

NEW YORK — A baby belt is no longer required for the conceal carry of your newborn.

And the only thing it requires is the right kind of baby carrier.

The New York City Council voted Thursday to repeal a law that limited what kind of carrying a baby could be allowed in New York and allow people to carry babies up to 6 months old.

The ordinance would not have changed the law.

But now, it’s unclear how much longer it will be enforced.

The law expired in October, and Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would seek a two-year extension for a child protection measure.

The law required people under 12 to get a permit to carry their children up to 4 feet tall, with no exceptions.

The New Yorkers’ push to end the ban came after a rash of cases of newborns suffocating or choking to death.

They include a 2-year-old girl in the Bronx who died in a bathroom in January.

The Council on Public Safety voted unanimously Thursday to amend the law, which prohibits children younger than 6 months from carrying a child up to six feet.

The change would allow people under 6 to carry a child weighing 1.25 pounds or less.

Under the ordinance, the maximum height allowed for a toddler is 6 feet tall.

The new ordinance allows people to bring in their own child carrier, a purse, small purse, or other item, if that’s appropriate.

Under the old law, people had to have a permit from the department of health to bring their children to the city.

Under a new law, the department would have to issue permits to carry up to three people at a time.

The new law allows for up to five people to be carried in a vehicle.

The ban would also have to be in place for at least six months before it was repealed.

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