Carrie Moon: Trump is a “disgrace”

Carrie Moon, the daughter of a wealthy businessman and a leading advocate for black America, has penned a scathing article for The Hill calling out President Donald Trump.

In a scathing piece, Moon says Trump has “frequently called for racial violence” and “brought white supremacists into power in the United States, where he’s now waging war on black Americans.”

Moon, a former senior adviser to the president, said she was disappointed with Trump’s election win, but she also believes the president’s legacy will be better for blacks.

“Trump has a very bright future ahead of him,” Moon wrote.

“We can all be proud of our president, but the question is whether the rest of us will be able to rally behind him.”

Moon’s article focuses on how Trump’s presidency has left black Americans in a difficult position.

While the Trump administration has moved to increase funding for the military, the number of Black college graduates has declined, and African Americans are more likely to be incarcerated.

The president’s administration has also taken steps to expand prison and police militarization and has moved forward with plans to build a border wall.

Moon said Trump’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal with 11 other nations, a major US ally, is “an important step in the right direction,” but the agreement still has major flaws.

Moon also believes that while the Republican party has been “unable to put its foot down” on Trump’s racist rhetoric and policies, they have failed to show leadership on civil rights issues.

Trump’s rhetoric has been an “existential threat to black Americans,” she said.

“It’s not only an affront to their civil rights but also to their very identity.”

Moon also said that her father “tried to be a role model for young Black men.”

She said she believed Trump’s administration “has created a space for white supremacy and racist white nationalism,” and she said Trump should “stop demonizing black people and stop making racist comments about black people.”

Moon said she hopes that Trump’s White House “will not only be a positive and positive place for black Americans to live and work but it will also serve as a platform for the voices of our community and the voices from the majority of Americans who are angry, frustrated and frustrated about Trump’s policies and lack of leadership.”

Moon concluded her article by saying she is “hopeful that a new, more inclusive and diverse administration will bring more of the solutions that have been so successful in the past.”

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