Why do suzukis have a hard time wearing their suits?

The Japanese company Suzuki has announced a new range of suits that they hope will help people feel better about their health.

Suzukizuki, the company behind the suit, says they’ve been researching how to create a suit that is comfortable, durable, and functional for more than 25 years.

The company’s new line of suits have come under fire for their low-waist, low-cut style, as well as for their weight.

The suits are designed with a wider range of fabrics and fabrics that are more suitable for people with a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

They have also made the suits available in different sizes, with a range of sizes ranging from 42cm to 75cm.

The new suits are a departure from the Suzuku, a suiting style that has been popular for more decades, but that has come under attack in recent years.

In Japan, suzuku are seen as outdated, with many brands having to go back to traditional styles.

“Suzukims have been popular in Japan for decades,” Suzuko founder Shigeyuki Sugiyama told The Huffington and Japan’s Nikkei.

“In this sense, we decided to make our suzuminis more modern.”

The company says they have come up with a number of improvements to the suits, including a new fabric that has a wider array of colors, an adjustable waistband, and the ability to make the suit smaller with the help of a fabric folding system.

The main problem with suzumis is that they’re hard to find in stores.

“Most of our customers buy the suit from the online market or at retail stores.

But many of them do not realize they are buying a suzumi, and they don’t know they are,” Sugiyamas company spokesman Yoshio Fujisaki told The Guardian.

The Suzumo range is set to be available starting in late April in select markets.

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