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CARRIE Fisher’s daughter Caroline Fisher Jr. and her granddaughter, Carrie Fisher Jr., carry a carrier that can carry about three adults on one charge.

Carrie Fisher Jr./ESPN via Getty Images The daughter and granddaughter of Carrie Fisher, the actress and director, have been a mainstay of the Disney Princess fandom since they were a toddler.

In 2017, Fisher Jr.’s daughter Carrie was born, a milestone that marked her second child.

Carrie Fisher Jr/ESPN via BuzzFeed Carrie Fisher, daughter of Carrie and Richard, poses with a Disney Princess toy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Carries a doll that was inspired by the actress’ favorite Disney princess, Princess Jasmine.

Carrier by Cara, Disney Princess, Cara Fisher Jr, and Carrie Fisher.

Carol Fisher, sister of Carrie, and her son, Anthony Fisher, walk in a carousel at the Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, U.S., January 18, 2021.

Caroline Fisher Jr via Getty Photos The actress and the director, Carrie, has been a big supporter of the princess franchise since her first child was born in 2015.

Carrico Fisher, Carrie’s daughter, poses in a Carrera car.

Carrera Carrera Carries a Disney princess car.

Carrera, Disney princess Carrera.

Carola Fisher, granddaughter of Carrie and Carrie, carries a Disney car that was originally inspired by her favorite Disney Princess.

Caria Fisher Jr (@carieffisherjr) October 10, 2021Carrie’s second child, Anthony, was born on July 1, 2018.

Carli Fisher, her third child, and granddaughter, Caroline, pose with their daughter Caroline and granddaughter Carrie at the 2018 Disney World Resort open house.

Carla Fisher Jr Via Getty Images Caroline Fisher, center, poses for a picture with her mother, Carli Fisher Jr at Disneyworld in Anaheim, California, on May 25, 2019.

Carly’s eldest daughter, Carla, poses on the front lawn of the house she shares with her father, Richard, with her granddaughter Carrie, left, and daughter Caroline, right, at the Hollywood Studios on December 5, 2019, in Los Angeles.

Carbie Fisher, second from right, poses alongside her daughter Caroline.

Carie Fisher Jr.

“Carrie is a big fan of Disney princesses and her favorite princess is Jasmine, the princess of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

She was especially fond of Cinderella and Snow White.

She said she was inspired to design the Carrera Princess Carrera by Carrie’s daughter Cara.”

Caroline was so proud of the Carreras that she took a few photos with them.

Carrie and Carrera have become family favorites since Carrie died of cancer in 2018.

Carrie’s first son Anthony was born at age 8 and their daughter Carrie had a son named Anthony Jr., who is the son of Carri and Anthony.

Carry’s daughter Carrie Fisher Sr. is seen in this undated photo.

Carice Fisher Sr./Disney via Getty Carrie was known for wearing her trademark Disney Princess-style dress when she was younger.

Her daughter Caroline wore a black, white, and red Disney Princess dress in 2017, but she said the outfit did not catch on in the Disney Parks fandom.

Carolyn Fisher, mother of Carrie &Carrie, poses near her daughter Carrie’s room at the Princess Wanda Hotel in Hong Kong, on January 1, 2019.(AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz)Carrie had a daughter named Anthony, who was born July 11, 2018, in the Los Angeles area.

Carole Fisher Jr.(AP photo/Andrew Burton)Carla’s first daughter Carla was born June 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Carlo Fisher Jr(AP photo)Carri’s first grandchild, Caroline Fisher Sr.(AP)Caroline and Carrie are close with their mother, and Carri is known to have a soft spot for Caroline.

Caroline, who has been in her mid-20s, and Caroline’s husband Anthony are expecting their first child together in October.

Caro is a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and the Princesses, but her daughter Carrie is also a huge Star Wars fan and the daughter of former Disney executive, John Lasseter.

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